Ultimate List of Batman Watches

Batman Watches make cool gifts no one can resist! Once you have a Batman watch you’ll be the envy of friends and family. Everyone will want to see your watch.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like making a fashion statement with a Batman watch.

Batman, the Dark Knight, is known by many to be the best Super Hero because he does not have any superpowers. No super strength. No x-ray vision. No invisibility.

Of course, having Bruce Wayne’s money always helps pay the gym fees and get one a Batmobile and super utility belt.

But anyone can be Batman. Even you!



I happen to love Batman Watches. Check these out!

One of my favorites is the Armitron watch. Simple. Inexpensive. Yet cool with a black strap and large Batman logo. Click here for a large picture of this watch. The Batman logo is what I personally like to look for.

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Montegrappa Batman Set Fountain Pen/ Watch/ Cufflinks Limited Edit. 500 Carbon

Montegrappa Batman Limited Set (Fountain Pen F, Watch & Cufflinks) ISBMN2IS

MONTEGRAPPA -Batman Set – Fountain Pen+Watch+Cufflinks- NEW! MSRP $5,695

Montegrappa Batman Broad Fountain Pen Cufflink & Watch Set Limited Ed. ISBMN5IS

Montegrappa Batman Medium Fountain Pen Cufflink & Watch Set Limited Ed. ISBMN3IS

Montegrappa Batman Fine Fountain Pen Cufflink & Watch Set Limited Ed. ISBMN2IS

MONTEGRAPPA -Batman Set – Rollerball Pen+Watch+Cufflinks- NEW! MSRP $4,945

Montegrappa Batman Limited Set (Roller Ball Pen, Watch & Cufflinks) ISBMNRIS

Montegrappa Batman Rollerball Pen Cufflink & Watch Set Limited Edition ISBMNRIS

If you like what you see let me know. I am always adding to my Batman collection, so I created this website to keep on top of what new Batman watches are available. It keeps getting larger and larger so check back often!

To collect Batman watches you could collect by:

- Age / Gender – such as for kids, adults, men or women.

- Fashion Brand.

- Style. Some Batman watches are colorful. A comic book on a dial. These can be worn by anyone. Other watches are highly sophisticated and certainly not for kids. Batman watches can show a picture of Batman. Or perhaps another character. Other watches show the Batman logo.

- Character – get a watch for Batman, Robin, the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, etc. There are lots of villains. Now that could be quite the collection!

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  1. Batman Music says:

    I realy want one of these where can I get themm!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Batman Movie says:


  3. AB says:

    I am trying to find a Robin watch but am having some trouble. Any suggestions?

  4. Ellie says:

    I have a batman watch no idea who made it but it has a blue face and the old 1970’s batman on the front. It’s an lcd with I think a ceramic face.

    Anyone have an idea how much this is worth It was in my attic amongst stuff from the people who lived here before.

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